No it is not. Long term laxative use can slacken the bowel and cause dependency. Motion Potion will in fact do the opposite. It is very gentle and can sometimes take up to 3 or 4 days to see the full results. It should be used to maintain regularity. If you are severely constipated (no bowel movement for 3 or more days) it may be necessary to take herbal laxatives first and then take Motion Potion to maintain regularity.

Stir 1 teaspoon vigorously into 1/2 glass of fruit juice (for flavour) or water and drink immediately as mixture will thicken. Always follow with 1-2 glasses of water.

NOTE: It is important to stay hydrated while taking Motion Potion. Therefore we recommend drinking at least 2L of water each day.

Take at least 10 minutes away from medication.

This is also recommended. Motion Potion will add bulk to the stool and absorb a lot of the water. This will help slow down the transit time and give better consistency to the stool.

No, Motion Potion is a food. Although, more is not necessarily better. Most people find 1 teaspoon a day works like magic. It can be taken in larger amounts while detoxing and helps to keep the appetite at bay for people trying to reduce their meal portion sizes. Maximum suggested serve is 1tsp 5 times/day – recommended during juice fasts only.

Motion Potion requires liquid to swell. Therefore it is important to drink 1-2 glasses of water straight after taking Motion Potion and maintain a high daily water intake.

Yes, however it is advised to take about 30 minutes away from medication.

Absolutely, children that are eating solid food can take Motion Potion. Just do a quarter of the serving size for children under 5 yrs and a half the serving size for children under 12 yrs. Remember to keep fluid intake high. 

• Motion Potion is safe for all ages to take AS LONG AS THEY DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Young children and even babies can have a small amount of Motion Potion mixed into baby food, yogurt, etc but it is only recommended when the child is not constipated because of dehydration.

Motion Potion is recommended during pregnancy and has proven to be very beneficial. Constipation can be a big problem for many pregnant women. This is a safe gentle alternative to laxatives.

You may first want to take herbal laxatives so that you have an elimination. Then use Motion Potion to help improve regularity. Make sure you drink at least 2 Lt of water a day.

In cases of bowel impaction it is important to start with a half serve and work up to a larger serve. Supervision from your health care practitioner is advisable.

You should start seeing a result in 1 – 4 days.

The formula has been used successfully by practitioners for many years. The proprietary blend of fibre, greens, and healing herbs makes the perfect food for the Gastro Intestinal Tract (GIT) and helps it to function correctly.

If you get dehydrated, stop taking Motion Potion, wait until you have passed a satisfactory bowel motion, then begin your usual regime on Motion Potion. Try to stay hydrated. Here are a few ways to remind your self to drink water:

Drink a glass of water after every time you urinate.

Set a timer to drink a glass of water every hour.

Always take a water bottle with you wherever you go.

Start your day with 2 glasses of water.

Absolutely, there is no gluten in Motion Potion therefore it is safe for Celiacs.

Gluten is the protein found inside the wheat seed. Wheat grass does not contain gluten.

Our Psyllium is super fine and very easy to drink. We get a great deal of feedback from people who have previously been unable to take Psyllium and find that Motion Potion is fine. We believe that the mixture of Psyllium, Marshmallow Root and Slippery Elm smooths out the aggressiveness of the Psyllium.