Health Kultcha's 120 year old German Sourdough Culture

Many years ago the only way to make bread was with a “mother” Sourdough Culture that was passed down through generations and shared throughout communities. These live bacteria cultures were made up of wild yeast species and broad range lactobacillus bacteria. These cultures not only made the bread rise, but the bacteria pre-digested the gluten content in the grain through a fermentation process called lacto-fermentation, making grain more easily digestible and the nutrients more available.

“When bread became commercialised the sourdough method was forgotten. This was the start of all our problems with gluten. Our digestive systems just can’t handle grain that has not been fermented first,” said Health Kultcha Founder Lisabeth Gavins. “This is why gluten intolerance and Coeliacs is a modern day disease. We stopped fermenting our grain.”

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